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Can you imagine a world where your internal systems performed and communicated as well as your top performers do? We can.

Novamacro is committed to help organizations unlock the power within their current systems to find a new way to do business. What are some of the things Novamacro can do for you?

Make Your Systems Work for You

  • Setup and Administration of Microsoft Office

  • Optimization of Systems for your business (QuickBooks, Salesforce, Workforce Management, POS, ect)

  • Communication of Systems (eliminate Duplication of Efforts)

  • Local Support for your Applications

Save Time for More Meaningful Work

  • Automation of repetitive tasks (RDA, RPA, Excel Macros)

  • Small Applications that handle manual tasks

Unlocking the Power of Your Data

  • Communication of Systems (Linking data together)

  • Looking for Insights (Dashboarding and Advanced Data Analytics

  • Knowing where you are (Dashboarding and Automated Reporting)

Taking your Business to the next level

  • Scaling up with custom applications

  • Integrate all of your systems

  • Business Process Tracking

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